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Celebrities’ plastic surgeries gone wrong: Only beautiful for a while, regret for whole life
January 26 2019, 8:45 AM
Taking plastic surgery is one of the shortest ways to have a look as liking, however, lots of people have become plastic surgery disasters because of being addicted to it.

Adult film Goddess Rumi Kanda’s previous look was sweet. However, she still was not satisfied so she had fixed her nose and lost weight crazily. As a result, her appearance ‘sinks deeply’, panic netizens.

Xue Zhi Lun once was sex bomb of Hong Kong showbiz thanks to her sexy body but now she looked like a witch with a deformed face due to trimming her chin, cutting eyelid, etc.

Looking at this picture, many money might feel pitiful for Zheng You Ling who won the Best Actress Prize 2 times. Zheng You Ling wanted to maintain her youth by plastic surgeries, however, in contrast to her expectation, her look turned worse.


Wang Xin Lin was loved by audiences thanks to her sweet personality as well as her look.

To compete with younger actresses who are also very beautiful, she also applied plastic surgery on her face. Still, she vehemently denied it but her look told it all.

Han Jun Ting’s original face was quite square.

She decided to trim her face, cut eyelid, etc. but her face became so bizarre like this.

The images proved that Xiao Ya Xuan had interfered her look with plastic surgery.

And her look now drive people panic

“Xiao Long Nu” played by Yang Jun Jun previously was called the ugliest and oldest one. 

The “Xiao Long Nu” after taking plastic surgeries had a seriously deformed and swollen face.

The adult actress Shao Yin Yin had a beautiful and sharp look when she was young.

To gain her popularity, she accepted to take a series of plastic surgeries like fixing her eyes, chin face V line, fill her lips.

Just like Shao Yin Yin, Huang Xia Hui also maintained her beauty by plastic surgeries. 

However, her look at her old age makes people feel bored.

The car model Li Ying Zhi once became very famous thanks to her Fan Bing Bing-alike appearance. But the beauty constantly embellished with orthopedic surgery, and then, she had to face the consequences. Her face looked so affected.

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Nguyet Hang Do

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