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Catching giant crab in a quagmire, boys boiled then are appetizingly
November 25 2018, 9:57 AM
Two boys were lucky to catch a giant crab in a quagmire. What happened after that made netizens not stop laughing.

This funny clip recording 2 boys having delicious meal with a giant crab in a quagmire in the forest has gained a lot of attention from netizens.

In the video footage, after catching the giant crab, 2 boys started to cook it. The brother had to go to collect the firewoods, get the water, boil the crab and even make dipping sauce from pepper and lime by himself. As a result, they had a delicious meal. What made netizens funny but angry that his lazy younger brother who pretended to be an idiot and did nothing. However, taking advantage of when the elder went for taking more water, he ate the boiled crab alone and then even ran away. The elder came back and he could just eat the rest of crab which wasn’t delicious.

Two boys caught a big crab.

The lazy younger brother pretended an idiot.

The poor elder had to do everything by himself and here is his finished product.

The younger ate out and ran away when his elder went for taking more water.

The moment when the elder brother came back.

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