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Catching a cobra and turning it into a dish, the horror penalty the man had to pay
February 01 2019, 10:53 AM
Catching a poisonous cobra but did not sell it for money or release it, the man in Thailand cooked the creature but only processed it but only processed it summarily. Eventually, he was poisoned and had been hospitalized for treatment.

The rare incident happened in Sai Mai district, Bangkok, Thailand. A man caught a cobra while going out which is one of the world’s most poisonous snakes.

He did not sell the creature or release it but cooked it to eat over sips of alcohol.

However, due to lack experience,  after killing the cobra, this person just arbitrarily slashed a part of the snake’s mouth, then washed, not peeling skin nor removing organs, directly threw it into the pot of water to cook soup.

Unexpectedly, after taking a sip of cobra broth, the man had a headache, dizziness, and paralysis of the muscles. Fortunately, he was taken to the hospital for treatment quickly and got out of danger.

It’s worth mentioning that doctors who did not detect in the blood of this man have toxins commonly found in cobra venom. The cause of poisoning has not been clarified yet.

An expert explained that Cobra is a snake that possesses strong venom, whether they are alive or dead are very dangerous. Although boiling water can help remove snake venom from its body, snake venom can dissolve into water. Moreover, processing poisonous snakes that do not tolerate skin peeling, removing organs …  and also cause parasites to live persistently with the opportunity to penetrate into the body, invade the brain, endangering the life.

Although this man is lucky to escape death due to carelessness, this is still a valuable lesson for those who want to process and cook cobra.

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Nguyet Hang Do


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