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Catching big fish for lunch, the guy discovers a shocking truth after gutting
October 15 2018, 2:37 PM
The guy discovered an unbelievable animal in this big fish.

The guy was lucky to catch a big fish while he was swimming in the jungle stream. He cut a banana tree to cook the fish he got. However, immediately  bringing the fish and tree back to the forest, he discovered unbelievable eels after gutting the fish.

Surprisingly, he came up with an idea to cook the eels in the banana tree. What made netizens admire was that he didn’t use special kitchen tools to cook these eels but he still had a finger-licking meal. As a result, he had a great meal in the forest with eels.

After being shared online, the video attracted millions of views as well as comments on the the guy’s cooking skills and his delicious meal from eels. One commented: “I would love  to try this meal. Yummy!” Other said: “I love his cooking”.

Watch video:

Video source: Survival Time

Video source: Survival Time

Vu Tam


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