Cat was trapped in the water pipe, rescue workers saved but it "denied": "I didn't like water, why do I fall into?"
October 11 2018, 4:45 PM
After the efforts of the rescue workers, the little cat was lucky to escape.

The poor little cat plugged in a water pipe and it unfortunately got stuck in it. To rescue the little cat, a rescue team was mobilized to work.

At that time, the cat looks like a crime that prepares in court .

Its entire body lies in the water pipe, its head is out of the pipe like a criminal in the old films.

The rescue was not only slow but also difficult. Rescue workers had to use a saw to drill a pipe and apply some fat to the pipe wall.

While people are very stressful and hard to avoid hurting him, his expression is "hard-to-explain", which makes people both love and not stop laughing. At that time, the cat might think: "Help me get away right now, I don't want to fall down the water."

After a moment's effort, the cat was rescued. Maybe because he was so scared, he just got out of the pipe, he ran like an arrow to run away.

The mobilization of a group of people to rescue a small animal is worth cherishing. Behind the action contains the meaning of human beings: It is respect for the things of life.

Watching video:

Source: YT: RT


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