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Carelessly let children put this object in his mouth, after that it exploded, mother’s neglect results in losing all son’s life
January 07 2019, 9:52 AM
Let the son play in the living room, mother cries when seeing his mouth is full of blood just because of the battery in the toy.

There are too many risks in everyday life, especially for children under 6 years old because they are very naughty, curious about everything around them. There were a lot of unfortunate cases when parents neglected to leave their children alone, and they were curious about the object around the house and got injured. In the case of the baby Yan, living in Shan Yang, only 2 years old, he had to sew 3 big suturations right at his mouth.

A few days ago, when Yan Yan was playing toys in the living room, her mother was cooking in the kitchen, suddenly outside the living room, there was a loud explosion, hearing the cry of Yan Yan’s daughter, she rushed to run out, then she saw the daughter’s mouth full of blood and cried. Looking closely, her mother spotted a rupture at the corner of her mouth, just below the ground with a burnt urinal battery.

It turns out that parents often buy Yan Yan toys with batteries, whenever the battery is low, the mother takes the battery in the toy to rub on the ground or bite the pin to keep running. Imitating grandmother and mother, when playing alone, Yan Yan took the battery in the pig light to bite hard, causing the battery to explode, tearing her mouth.

The mother quickly took her to the hospital, a big tear, a lot of blood flow, so the doctors had to sew up to three stitched wounds, everyone was worried that the wound would leave a large keloid, affecting the future of this little girl.

In fact, many cases of children have been recorded because imitating adults who have done so mischievously has consequences.

So, for children, especially children under 6 years old, parents should be alert when exposing their children to “potential dangers” right in the home?

Hot water, hot water bottles

Burns are accidents with the highest incidence of children, the main cause of lifelong disability. Trying to heat water, hot objects can cause burns far away from your child’s reach.


Hyperactive children are very fond of playing, putting objects in the holes. Therefore, household sockets should be sealed with tape, prevent children from reaching in, or inserting objects into the electrical outlet causing electric shock.

Small objects

The younger the child, the more parents have to pay attention, absolutely leave small objects out of their reach, avoid curiosity to put in chewing mouth to cause choking, damage to the trachea and immature digestive system.

Types of pills, camphor

Modern, moisture-proof medicines and tablets are designed to be very colorful and catch the attention of children, parents should pay attention and do not let them swallow.

Doors, windows

Clamping their hands in the door is an accident that often happens to children, parents should be extremely attentive


Types of small, standing cabinets should be fastened to the wall, to prevent children from climbing and pulling, causing large cabinets to crash into them which cause serious injuries.

Source: toutiao

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