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Be careful, you may lose your life because of this delicious dish which is susceptible to infect streptococcus!
January 02 2019, 2:24 PM
Pig blood curd is one of the leading causes of infecting streptococcus, but many people still don't give away this favorite food.

Recently, a 62-year-old patient in Ha Long (Vietnam) was hospitalized with multiple organ failure, septic shock, septicemia due to pig streptococcus infection after eating pig blood curd. The patient was taken to Bai Chay Quang Ninh Hospital on December 18, blood pressure dropped, severe sepsis, swollen and painful right leg. Patient with high fever, chills, thigh pain, loose stools many times in about a week after eating blood curd.

Doctors diagnose patients with septicemia, multiple organ failure due to pig streptococcal disease. The patient is dialysis, taking antibiotics. The next afternoon, the critical condition of patient with symptoms of septic shock, myocarditis, respiratory failure, multiple organ failure, swollen legs, cyanosis, necrosis occurred.

Because this patient has high risk of death, doctors consulted and decided to use mechanical ventilation through an endotracheal tube, set up an ECMO artificial cardiopulmonary machine to support breathing and circulation of the body.

In 2017 Vietnam recorded 171 cases of swine streptococcal disease, of which 14 died. The disease is fast and severe, prolonged treatment period and cost of treatment is large. Typically, a patient with pneumococcal streptococcus must be hospitalized for at least three weeks. People with sepsis must be treated for up to two months, with expensive fees, depending on whether the sequelae is severe or not severe. Many patients cannot survive or leave serious complications.

Pig Streptococcus disease is scattered all year round but increases strongly in the last months of the year and the beginning of the Lunar New Year because many places slaughter pigs and keep habit of eating blood curd for luck. The results of the epidemic investigation show that 70% of patients suffering from streptococcus pigs eat blood curd, the rest are to eat underdone pork, or contact and slaughter pigs.

Many patients with necrotic streptococcus have to remove their legs, arms, or even seriously ill patients can’t come over. Almost all patients infected with streptococcus pigs are in direct contact with pigs or eat pig blood curd. To prevent pig streptococcus disease, the expert warned absolutely not to eat blood curd and the meat that had not been thoroughly cooked. Use clean soap to clean care items, slaughter or kitchen utensils immediately after use. People who have signs of suspicion of illness such as sudden high fever and a history of caring and slaughtering pigs who are infected, die or eat products from unsanitary pigs need to be examined immediately at medical facilities. to be examined, treated promptly.

Kim Ngan Do

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