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A car crashed into 2 container truck continuously, it was so surprising after 5 seconds 
August 09 2018, 10:12 AM
The accident is a meaningful lesson for drivers.

Many people were amazed at the accident from the beginning to the end. The whole accident was recorded by the camera.

According to camera, a four-seat car was being driven on the road, it suddenly crashed into the back end of the container truck that was running in the same direction. And then the car was thrown into the opposite lane. At the same time, the car received the second hit from another container truck running in the opposite direction.

After two terrible collisions, the four-seater driver dropped off the car window and fell out the road. Looking at the scene of the accident, everyone thought the worst thing would happen to driver. However, in the last 5 seconds of the video, the driver was able to stand up in alert condition.

After posting on the social network, a short video about the accident has also become a hot topic and a meaningful lesson about driving experience for many drivers.

Watching video:


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