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Can people remove a part of moldy food to eat the rest? Below these are types people should throw away immediately
January 31 2019, 3:01 PM
Many people have a habit of regreting foods that are partially molded or broken, so they will advantage of the rest. The following foods should absolutely not be eaten to avoid being poisoned.

In everyday life, there are many types of food for various reasons that can be moldy. Some people, unfortunately, will remove the broken mold part to eat the still-healthy part. But in fact, not every food you can eat “take advantage” of, even if you feel sorry for it.

Some foods have a short term use, if left for a long time, they will rot or mold. Some foods that are moldy cannot eat directly, otherwise, the body will be infected with many toxins and even cause cancer.

When food gets moldy, cut off the broken part, can you eat the rest?

First of all, we all understand that food that has been partially molded should not eat the moldy parts. We can see that moldy parts of food have been corroded and completely invaded by mold fibers, but there are some molds that cannot be seen with the naked eye, so when being viewed, it is possiblly wrong that the food is still “good”.

Mold that produces a large amount of cytotoxin will continue to spread in food, in parts that are not rotten. The degree of spread mainly involves the severity of food structure and water content.

Some mold cannot be completely removed even when being heated at high temperatures. For example, garcinia is found in bananas, pears and grapes … the best way is to dispose of all moldy foods, even if it only contains a part of broken part.

Which foods should be eaten when getting moldy?

1, The melon and peanut seeds are moldy

Aspergillus flavus may appear in moldy nuts such as peanuts and corn. This is considered a substance that can cause strong cancer. It has been classified by the State Food and Drug Administration (China) as a substance that can cause cancer and will cause serious damage to the liver and kidneys.

In addition, this substance can cause acute poisoning, if eating long-term, more and more toxins accumulate, the phenomenon of liver fibrosis and even liver cancer can occur. In any situation, if you detect a slight bitter taste or see a slightly dark color, you should not eat.

In addition, when you choose bean flour or curd, when you see the bottle cap floating or packing which is broken, you should not buy it. When buying peanut oil or edible oils, you should choose the brands being produced by reputable manufacturers.

2, Sugarcane is moldy and rotten

Cane is also a regular type showing signs of rotten or moldy rots. When sugarcane is rotten, its eyes often appears signs of discoloration. In this rotten cane component, it contains metabolites that are considered to be very strong neurotoxins, which will directly damage the digestive system and central nervous system, leading to food poisoning.

Eating rotten sugarcane (broken sugarcane, discolored) will have the first phenomenon such as diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, black stools, severe patients will have symptoms of nervous system poisoning such as difficulty swallowing, headache, incontinence and seizures, … If being untreated, the patient will lose consciousness or even lose their life.

3, Eggs have black spots on the skin

When the egg is wet or in a humid environment, it will be washed away or its outer layer on the eggshell surface will be directly damaged.. A large number of bacteria will enter directly inside and cause spoilage that makes the surface of the eggshell become moldy. So, when you see the eggshell with black spots seen outside the shell, you should not eat it.

If you having eaten moldy food and have obvious symptoms of poisoning, you should go to the hospital for timely examination and treatment, if possible, keep a sample of mold food you have eaten. This will help the doctor better diagnose the type of poisoning for effective treatment.

The best way is not to eat all the foods that have been molded or rotten because it will cause food poisoning and have a negative impact on your health.



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