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Can dirt worm eat? You might change your mind after seeing this chef’s edible illusions with his abnormal dessert designs
November 24 2018, 11:53 AM
You might’ve never looked at a worm in the dirt and thought ‘God, I’d love a bite of that’ but you will change your mind after seeing this chef's dish.

If looking at this picture, who dare to try this dish? Dirt and worm?

But actually, it is food and eatable. We all were tricked by the chef.

Ben Churchill isn’t a normal chef. Dubbed a “food illusionist,” the British chef puts his own unique spin on each dessert he creates. He often designs his dishes to resemble not-so-appetizing items like dirty ashtrays, nasty sponges, and more.

Here is one of Churchill’s creations, mimicking dirt and worms. As gross as it may seem, the dessert is actually made from moist chocolate cake, strawberry jelly, chocolate ganache, and mint.

Surprisingly, Churchill hasn’t always dreamed of becoming a chef. He started learning to make pastries back in 2015 after dropping out of art school.

Then he took a job cooking at a local pub. But it wasn’t until about 2015 that he started learning how to make pastries.

Many netizens show their interest in his amazing food illusion.

“Great creations, I don’t think I could eat jelly though, too realistic for my liking.”

“I thought it was real worms. Not sure I could eat it because it looks so real.”

“He’s genius. It looks so real that I wonder whether I can eat that”

“I thought it was real at first! Nice shot!!!!”

“It looked like the worm moved! Eeeek! Pretty cool!”

“Best creation ever, love it.”

“Why I feel it is so cute??? It’s like moving worm, omg, it’s cool. He’s the best!!!”

Watch video:

Source video: Chef Ben Churchill

Source: Chef Ben Churchill

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