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Buying mask at the online shop, a 25-year-old girl has face deformation – A warning for all young girls
December 03 2018, 9:36 AM
Masks are popular products that help women become more beautiful. However, if you buy non-quality products or use masks improperly, it can damage your body.

A 25-year-old girl has face deformation because of … using mask

Ms. Wang, 25 years old living in Wenzhou, China, is a girl who is so interested in an online shopping that she buys her all things at online shop every day. When Ms. Wang sees the mask advẻtisement of a company and she is recommened that the product is very good for skin preventing acne. As soon as Ms. Wang was tiered with her acne, because she wants to make beauty her, she buys a large amount of masks to accumulate.

However, the results of using masks is not effective like she wishes. After using masks, she begins to have itch symptoms. She response to the seller. As a result, they said that this effect is very normal reaction, because the skin is in the progress of detoxification. She can continue to use masks and must use continuously for 5 days.

On hearing that, Ms. Wang again began to use the mask, no one can expect the condition of itching more serious, also appear symptoms such as swelling, blisters … At this time, Ms. Wang very frightened afraid, on November 25, she went to the Traditional Medicine Hospital of Wenzhou City to test.

She starts to use mask again. However, nobody can expect that the condition of itching is more seriously and also it appears symptoms such as swelling, blister … At this time, Ms Wang is very frightened , so on 25th November, she went to the Traditional medicine hospital in Wenzhou city to check.

Dr Xu Jiabao, deputy director of dermatology and dermatology said that she gets an allergic skin caused by using mask. Being packed with extracts of natural fruits, collagen, masks contain a lot of chemical elements such as coloring, mod proctection, anti-infection, citric acid, latic acid, mercury, hydroquinone, glucocorticoid that have impact on lightening dead skin on the skin face and reducing wrinkles shallow. However, these substances also harm the skin, escpecially those elements are easily allerigic to the skin face.

Moreover, mask contains mercury, hydroquinone, glucocorticoid that will be more easily invasive into the skin and reduces clogging pores, but it will cause some side effects such as skin rash itchy, redness, inflammation …

Especially, Dr Xu Jiabao does not find the name of manufacture that she provides package of this product. It does not have certificate of quality, the date of production. He suspects that it is a fake product. Now Ms Wang has a serve allergy and she must take a long time to recover.

In fact, Dr. Jiabao also said that many patients have allergic reactions when using cosmetics to the hospital for examination, the cosmetics they buy through online shopping channels. In the past two months, the hospital has treated 30 cases of dermatitis caused by cosmetic products, including 11 cases of masks and more skin problems due to improper use of masks way.

In the fact, he said that many patients have allergic reaction when using cosmetics and go the hospital to check. All of them buy cosmetics at online shop. In the two months, 30 cases due to dermatitis are treated including 11 cases of masks and more skin problems due to improper use of masks.

Dr Jiabao also warned: “Before using any kind of cosmetics, it is necessary to thoroughly understand the origin, origin, priority of choosing the product of the qualified and prestige brands. Cosmetics must have a full label, shelf life and clearly marked ingredients for the user to understand.

Absolutely not using the cosmetics that does not meet all the above standards or use the oral tradition of heirloom products that have not been hanmade without testing. Before using the cosmetics, first try the irritation, allergic reaction by applying a small number of mask on the skin in the forearm, wait a few hours to see if there are any signs. Then decide to use to continue product.



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