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“Being busy” with boyfriend every day , the fattest woman sheds 120 kg
January 28 2019, 5:09 PM
Thanks to getting busy with young lover, 323-kg woman sheds weight.

Meet Patty Sanchez, from Reno, Nevada, US. She used to weight a whopping 323 kg and was planning to become the fattest woman in the world. Patty Sanchez consumes about 13,000 calories a day – a terrible number compared to the average person.

But the failure in love story with her ex-boyfriend encouraged this woman to change. Instead of wanting to become the world’s fattest, she was determined to lose weight to better suit her new boyfriend – Bryan Johnson, who was 14 years younger than her.

Since the woman fell in love with Bryan Johnson, this 38-year-old man has gradually set a plan to lose weight for Patty with a diet, daily exercise and especially … “making love”. Talking about the love story, the couple said they got to know each other on social networks. After months of conversation, Bryan moved to live with Patty. And, both had wonderful moments of “having sex” as they described.

Only after 3 months of living together, Patt lost 19 kg. One of the basic exercises for weight loss is that she did yoga and weightlifting. Every day, Bryan and Patty practiced these two exercises in about 30 minutes and after that they prepared meals together. Both worked hard to make love and burn many calories in the bedroom.

“We have a very active and adventurous sex life – we can’t keep our hands off each other. There are limitations because of Patty’s weight but we do what we can – I think that what we do get up to is probably too kinky to say. I’m not scared she’s going to lose too much weight.” Bryan said.

Sex is an activity that consumes calories and helps with weight loss. It is more than just an exercise but above all, it brings excitement in the spirit. It is through making love every day that Patty feels happy and realizes that she has to change, she took more effort to lose weight to become more attractive and attractive.

Patty shared that she had never felt happy as now. She wanted to get married but did not want to enter the ceremony with the wheelchair, so she would lose more weight. Currently, Patty is only about 200kg heavy.

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