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Burst into tears with baby girl without arms taught to eat with feet
October 21 2018, 7:43 AM
Baby Vasiliny was born with no arms but can hold a plate with his feet to eat very well.

Recently, the video recorded Vasiliny from Russia, having no hands but self-eating with feet, which touches the bottom of millions hearts. It is my mother, Elmira Knutzen that shared the video on her personal Facebook page.

In the clip, Vasiliny was sitting on a couch and taking food from the bowl in front of her face with her toes by herself. She raised her foot toward her mouth and  adjusted the fork to slowly put the potato into her mouth. Vasiliny’s image has touched everyone’s heart, especially those who have been mothers and fathers.

It can be seen that, at Vasilinya’s age, many babies don’t have physical defects but still can not feed themselves. Vasiliny – unlucky girl born with armless one while other arm is shrunken, trying hard to learn to eat with her own legs. The images of the little girl once again shows us “nothing is impossible”, as long as we takes effort.

Watch video:

Video source: Mirror

Vu Tam

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