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Brother and his wife came to the meal, after eating, sister-in-law borrowed the phone, at the time they came out, I saw real touching thing
December 05 2018, 3:58 PM
After the divorce, the more they care about me, often buy me good food, also take me walking street shopping. Sister- in- law treats me very well, I always want to find the opportunity to repay

After the divorce, the more they care about me, often buy me good food, also take me walking street shopping. Sister- in- law treats me very well, I always want to find the opportunity to repay

Before marriage, I just want to find a calm husband and peace together through the month. But for three years I have not had children, because of this, all my aspirations are unsuccessful.

I am quite traditional, I know my husband through the familiar introduction. Having loved him so well with me, so after 5 months we decided to get married.

After getting married, we live with our mother-in-law. Then my mother fell ill one place, I stay at home as housewife, my husband is not high salary so we have to eat in savings.

The work of my husband, often have to go to the client, I understand very well, but then I discovered that he often avoid me, do not want to meet me, I also know because he can not be pregnant so he finally I also left me.

I have a brother who loved me very early, but my husband told me not to tell my brother when he knew he was forcing me to divorce. My brother is angry to go to meet my ex-husband, luckily I stopped him.

After my divorce, my ex-husband sent me out of the house, and later said nothing related. My brother told me to come to his house, he said if I agreed, it could be a lifetime, then I just want to stay for a while, waiting for work, I will move.

At first I was confident to find a job, looking for more than a month without having a job, my interest is low, high salary I can not do. There is a time, I find myself useless so the mood is not good, my sister-in-law constantly comforted me, said I did not rush, cheer me on everything will be fine.

After living together for a while, I think there will be conflict between me and my sister-in-law. But my sister-in-law always treat me well. On the day I made my breakfast, I came home from work late and bought food for me. Knowing that I have no job, my sister-in-law sometimes buys clothes for me. She speaks very softly, feeling very touched.

With the help of the bride, I found a good job for myself. Then I asked the friend a small amount, rent a small house in the suburbs. After leaving my brother’s house, I slowly came back to normal life.

One day my brother suddenly called me to talk to me, I was happy, although the inn was narrow but anyway the family should not be impatient, I also said will make you eat boiled, Do not buy expensive items. So for the weekend, they come to play do not buy anything as I say, I am very happy, busy all morning, pack a lot of effervescent, when the wife said her phone is out of money to borrow the phone. I did not hesitate to lend her a phone.

In the afternoon after my brother came back, I opened the account to see how much money to plan for next month, but surprisingly, in the wallet is up to 15 million, I still think the system has problems but suddenly remembered Morning bride borrowed the phone.

I open the history of talking, just that the bride has transferred money to me, she left the message “Baby we are all a family is difficult to say to you, are relatives, do not need formal. Remember that despite all the difficulties we are still with you! ”

After finished message I was crying like rain, true human life, when hardest only relatives forever on the side!

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