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Bringing shoves and the barrels to the city to make a drum set, the guy suddenly famous for supreme performance
August 09 2018, 9:44 AM
The great creativity of street artists always amazes the audience. This guy is a proof.

A guy nicknamed Gordo Drummer has suddenly become famous after the video he played drum on the street was posted. The video has reached over 133 million views on Youtube.

Gordo Drummer with a drum set combined betweeen shoves and the barrels in the street

Not a top professional drum set, this guy only uses the barrel to make sound. His creativity has attracted the attention of passersby.

He’s keen on using the barrels with different materials, making different sounds. But with the passionate show no less than the professional drummer, the performance has quickly attracted attentions.

His peformance has attracted passersby

The street artist plays music from the special drum set, looking like a professional artist

With 1.9 million likes on YouTube, many people commented: “If one likes to be able to exchange a euro, the talent will soon become a millionaire.”


“I have a good drum set but I can not perform like him.”

“He hits too fast. No one who knows shoves can bring such great sound. Teach me. ”

The great creativity of street artists always amazes the audience. They are not professional, but their stage is never short of viewers.

Watching video:

Minh Chi


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