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The bride was ‘rolled over’ by the male guests, they even jumped on her
December 06 2018, 10:30 AM
Although very angry, the bride could not do anything because the male guests was too crowded and aggressive, they deliberately pressed her to the ground to tease.

Having many friends come to the wedding is always a pleasure for every bride and groom. However, some polite guests can ruin a great day, especially when the “naohun” in China is becoming more and more disfigured, offensive, meaningless.

Recently, another scene of bad jokes happened at the wedding in the bride’s house, so the bride does not know how to handle it. The wedding took place on November 28 at a hotel in Shangshan District, Linyi Township, Shandong Province, China. The bride was rolled over by male guests and teased.

According to a clip recorded by a witness, the bride is wearing a traditional red wedding dress, surrounded by many young people, mostly male. Later, the bride was pushed to the ground by the male guests and jumped on her, one by one. At that time, the bride was very painful but could not resist.

The bride was rolled over by male guests.

A moment later, when some people get her up, she continues to be picked up by male guests to tease, even touching on her body making the bride angry. At least 2 times she flung her foot and kicked the men who oppressed her. Meanwhile, many people around the family and friends of the bride did not block the male guests.

After the clip spread on the social network, the matter has received great attention from the community. Most people object and criticize the behavior of male guests, while expressing compassion for the bride and groom on the day of their fun.

Last week, a groom in Guizhou Province was stripped of friends by his friends and smothered with black ink because of “naohun”. When the groom is running out to the road, he was hit by car, leading to cerebral hemorrhage, the happy day almost turned into a funeral.

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Source video: Sina

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