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The breathtaking footage sees inks of all colours burst around objects
October 09 2018, 1:44 PM
This mesmerising macro art project brings to life explosions of coloured inks as they are blasted into pools of water, engulfing all that surrounds.

The breathtaking footage, set to classical music, sees inks of all colors burst around objects such as city models, planets and plants.

As the ink is shot into the water it immediately begins to disperse, spreading to wrap around the objects chosen by Ben Ouaniche of Macro Room.

Shooting and compiling the video took Ben and his friends a painstaking six months to complete.

The idea for the beautiful shoot, Ben said, came from observing ink in water as a photography subject.

While others have photographed this kaleidoscopic phenomenon in the past, Ben, 29, and his friends wanted to push this creative process even further, capturing such reactions in slow-motion, high-resolution footage and setting them to music.

As the team was working with abstract and unnatural behaviors, getting the technique down to a controllable form took some time.

His goal was taking this already great looking process and to push it as far as he could using his creativity to reveal the full potential of ink and water interacting together.

Many people have shown their amazement for this mesmerizing artwork.

“OMG, a different level of creativity. Bravo!!!!” 

“Love it so much. I want to learn it” 

“Yes, there is no limit for creativity. It’s really amazing. Hope to see more” 

Watch video:

Source video: Carter clips 

Source: Carter clips 

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