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Breast pump is nothing comparing to the most painful process of plastic surgery that 90% of women do not dare to do
February 10 2019, 9:00 AM
In order to have dreaming appearance you want, many girls have accepted the pain of cutting skin. However, the images of the surgery process below still make many people feel terrified.

A girl named Zhao Xiaobing had malformations in her left ear and underdeveloped lower jaw. Because of her strange appearance, she is always bullied by her friends. Therefore, she determined to restore beauty to live like other ordinary people.

She shared that she had a total of 5 extremely painful surgeries to improve her beauty.

First is the chin plastic surgery, the doctors design the shape of the chin for her

After the chin and lips were basically stable, she continued to have her eyelid surgery and surgery removed

The implants require the shape that best fits the girl’s face. The images make viewers imagine the pain she had to undergo during the surgeries.

After the surgery, she regained consciousness one day and the injuries were still painful and swollen. She shares after recovering hope she can find a new job that she wants and can be loved by someone.

Another case of cosmetic surgery can help viewers feel the pain of the aesthetic process somewhat. It was a girl named Sue, 42 years old. When she was young, she underwent breast augmentation surgery, but over time the silicon bags leaked, causing her to remove and re-transplant.

Sue hope that after surgery may look more attractive, and happier in marriage life.

Some pictures in the aesthetic surgery process of girls:

Unsatisfied with his chin, this girl went to pry her chin to have a slimmer chin

Close up of the liposuction process is complicated

Through this series of images, many people must feel how to have a beautiful, beautiful physique, and how much they have to go through pain.

Source: tinfast 

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