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Boyfriend hugs his girlfriend in the earthquake until the end, only seperate when rescue team said these words
November 08 2018, 3:28 PM
Touching story proves that true love is real and the sentence "love you until we die" is not a joke.

A young couple have been found buried alive in the rubble of an apartment building in southwest Taiwan, embracing each other.

Rescuers made the discovery during the search for survivors in Tainan after the city was hit by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake.

According to reports, the boyfriend named Cai Mengjia was found first, apparently shielding his girlfriend from falling rubble, with the pair still holding hands.

Cai, an electronics student and his girlfriend Huang Ruoxin both attended Kun Shan University. The pair were both just 21 years old.

Huang was a student of fashion at the university.

According to local media, rescue teams said the pair were tightly embracing making it difficult to release them from the remains of the building. The girl’s head was apparently nestled in Cai’s chest as if he was protecting her from falling rubble.

Until the rescue team said ‘You have tried hard to protect her’, the boy let her go then the rescue team can deliver two bodies out of the falling rubble.

Recovery teams were able to identify the pair due to Cai ‘s identity cards in his pocket.

Because of the time that had passed since the disaster, the two were hard to identify however Cai Mengjia had papers in his pocket revealing his name and where he was a student.

Parents of both Cai and Huang were allowed to see their recovered bodies at the Tainan Funeral Home.

Both families were devastated by the news and hope for a DNA test to confirm the identifies of the two bodies.

This touching story proves that true love is real and the sentence “love you until we die” is not a joke.

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Source video: CTS

Source: CTS 

Hoang Ngan


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