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Boy student loses his life because of dengue fever, when visiting his bed, everyone understands the reason
January 02 2019, 3:02 PM
At about 12 o'clock on December 17, the male student who has family name Chen, 20 years old, a student of Xi'an Medical University lost his life in Tang Do Hospital in Xi'an, China. Young guy was diagnosed with dengue.

According to information from doctors, Chen had dengue fever caused by Hanta virus, the main source of infection is from the most typical rodents especially rats.

Chen had dengue fever caused by Hanta virus.(Symbolic photo)

The disease has no specific treatment. Moreover, the initial signs are just like the flu, so it is easily diagnosed, leading to inability to timely treat.

However, what makes many people wonder is where the boy was infected with the virus. After watching the photo of his bed in the dormitory and the last conversation with his friend, All were explained. In the bed of the student there were many rat droppings.

After the incident, Xi’an Medical University conducted sterilization, hygiene and examination of students who had contact with Chen.

Source: Sohu

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