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The boy pretends to be a beggar to pick up the garbage and fails to ask the girls phone number until he approaches the lamborghini, the result is unexpected.
July 21 2018, 12:22 PM
The rich man decided to pretend to be a baggar and get a surprising result.

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There is a rich man that wants to know how the girls react to a poor man if he comes to make acquaintance so he decided to pretend to be a beggar.

The rich man carried a bag to ask for money the passenger. He realized a group of girls coming and then he approached them.

Unluckily, he was refused and left behind. But they were regretful very soon because he was approaching a Lamborghini supposed to be his.

Let’s see some more funny images of this situation:

The man brings a bag to beg someone money

Anh he sees some girls…

He comes and asks them for some money and maybe her phone number

But she refuses and continues going straight

Then he approaches his Lamborghini, they may feel regretful

Hai Linh

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