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The boy met his wife who passed away seven years ago in the supermarket
February 12 2019, 3:20 PM
Standing at the food counter, Tuan, shocked to see the wife of his wife had passed away seven years ago. He said loudly: " Are you Thu??" And the girl's response was unexpected.

His wife died suddenly after a heart attack Tuan sad extremely, married couple he married 5 years, his wife left two children for his care. Love his wife, miss Tuan also did not think about getting married again but live cock scene raising children. It’s not easy for Tuan to take care of the two children, but he still has to try for the children.


Since his wife has taken seven years, he now sends his children to the supermarket to buy things. But just standing at the food counter, Tuan shocked to see the wife out of his wife had lost 7 years ago. He kept staring at her and followed him, shouting:

-Thu? Is that you? Since his wife’s death seven years ago, he took his children The girl turned around, just saw Tuan she was pushing back to face running away Tuan chase. But he was shocked to see that she was holding another man holding her 3-year-old boy. – You are Thu, ringht? Why, why is this? Did not you die 7 years ago? – I got wrong person, I did not know you. – I do not know what I call my name again and again when I see. You say you are not dead right? Do not you get the wrong person? – What are you talking about? I do not know you, do not get farther. Trying to pull the girl’s hand is pushed by her man and fell threatening hand. – I forbid you to touch my wife, she is my understanding? – She is my wife! – Your wife is dead for a long time, I and her have had children together. Let me tell you, there’s nothing to hide now. – I can not. – let me talt to him . Yes, she is your ex-wife. 7 years ago she loved me so I just dies to get rid of you. The letter escaped and married me, my wife’s life time is very happy – What?  Why did you do that to me? How can she be evil, but why you can’t leave your children? -I’m out of love with you. Two children with him will be better. I do not want to talk to you anymore, I’m leaving.


Thu pulled that man away, Tuan brusts into tears because of frustration, disappointment If She wants to come to a new person, his wife can bluntly divorce him, why She must do that? Maybe Tuan should forget about today and think that his was dead so everything was drifting away. Your children have suffered so much, he did not want him to know how damn selfish mother is. And now instead of thinking about his ex-wife, Tuan should probably live for himself, love and marry someone to make up for his emotional shortage of years.

Source: Collect Phuong Thao

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