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The boy grilled meat on stone and the result makes viewers salivate
November 12 2018, 3:26 PM
This aboriginal man made everyone surprised by the intelligence.

A deliciously grilled meat dish, bold and soft, without gas hunches is one of the top standards of humanity’s oldest and most fascinating dish ever since humans found fire.

Beef is a nutritious food

However, eating barbecue on the rocks is an art not easy. There is an extremely dangerous recommendation for you not to call hot stone baking when there are children because it is easy to burn. Although it was brought to the table from the 15 minutes away, the heat of the roast was still around 200 degrees (according to the attendant reminders), so the risk of burns to children is very high.

The boy grilled beef in stone

You can easily carry it in the garden

The result make people salivate

This aboriginal man made everyone surprised by the intelligence. The beef grilled on the stone in the forest. Due to the lack of ignition equipment, the guy cleverly created fire. After that, the stone becomes a grill to make more delicious food.

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Source:  Primitive Technology Idea


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