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Boathouse’s kinda unique architecture in where we can take a rest and enjoy the nature
September 01 2018, 10:00 AM
Situated on the bank of the Fuchun River in Jiande City (China), boat-like houses are sure to offer travelers an enjoyable experience.

The boat-like house is located on the bank of the Fuchun River about 5 kilometres east of the ancient Meicheng Township.

The boat-shaped houses are designed by famous architects in Hangzhou.

The tranquil, green setting has inspired designers to create unique houses.

The house on the boat is inspired by the customs of the ancient Ming-Qing. The riverside family built their own boat and lived in a residential area, creating a unique culture.

Around the lake, many boat houses are erected for rent by tourists. Relaxing in here will give you an enjoyable experience.

A set of tables and chairs, a teapot sipping, some friends are enough to drop soul into nature, enjoy life peaceful.

Each boat house is about 50 square metres and is built mainly of wood. There are all necessary items which a solid house need such as stairs system, entrance, washing machine is located at the rear of the boat.

The dome is firmly built which brings the feeling both safe and cozy.

The house on the boat is designed with so many windows that people can see the clouds, the mountains, enjoy the sky, the sunshine, the shady trees, or the birds flying in the sky.

At night, all the boat house lights up to create a romantic space.

Human creativity has no limit. Meanwhile, the increasing demand of travelling also promotes the creativity.

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