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“Black coal” is hung in the kitchen in 2 years; the scarier it looks, the more delicious its flavor is
January 31 2019, 9:18 AM
Maybe there will be a lot of people who are curious about this piece of smoked bacon to know whether we can eat it or how it tastes when being put in the kitchen for such a long time.

Recently, an unnamed Chinese boy shared his culinary and food experience on Sohu news when he visited his friend’s family in Hunan province. There he was introduced to a number of local specialties including the smoked bacon dish that he said had never eaten such a unique and delicious dish before.

After enjoying a lot of specialties in Ho Nam such as fried chili meat, Jishu sour meat, dumplings … he was introduced by his friend’s grandmother a special dish of the family. When the grandmother took out a black charcoal and said that was Hunan’s special bacon, he was surprised.

When he learned that this piece of bacon was hung in the kitchen for 2 years, he was surprised. When he touched it, the meat was too hard, looking like a stone. His friend said that this piece of meat couldn’t  be cut with a normal knife. Instead, it had to be soaked in hot water until it softened, and then they could cut it.

After more than 10 hours, the meat finally became soft and could be cut. The first impression with this black “lump of coal” was that fresh pink flesh inside, which looked very delicious. The viscous fat was eye-catching, especially very its aroma was stimulating.

After people sliced it, the slices would be stir-fried with garlic and pepper. Most people here like to eat in such way. However, if they like, they can stir-fry it with vegetables. The taste will definitely break the usual types of bacon.

Source: Kknews

Vu Tam


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