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Your birthday party will last until tomorrow with these ‘nameless’ games
August 23 2018, 3:36 PM
These fun games in the birthday party will make you and people have memorable memories!

Surely, the birthday party each year is the event we most expect. So, in addition to eating and drinking, we always try to organize interesting programs or games to entertain and keep memorable moments together. The video below is some great suggestions about fun games so that you can celebrate a happy birthday.

The excitement of these simple entertainment games that are incredibly fun not only help us have a very relaxing moment but also have the ability to connect people together. Everything will be better if at a birthday party or at times we are so stressful in work or in life, we have these seemingly not meaningful games, they can bring positive emotions and the most important thing we will know that there will be a lot of people joining you!

Looking at this picture you can guess what this is? Everyone is playing and can not stop laughing!

This game is interesting too! Everyone’s face is tense!

This game has to pick up candy with the fastest speed and put in each cup, it requires the high speed of hands and the concentration!

Another suggestion for you is the ‘passing the ball with partner’ game. This game is very suitable to improve teamwork and easy to apply in teambuiding game. The way to play is passing the ball to the partner, 2 persons in a team will pass each other and lead the ball so that the ball falls into the box.

The ‘passing the ball with partner’ game

Let’s watch this video to have relaxing moments and apply these exciting games to your upcoming birthday!

Watching video:

Source video: DKN.TV

Source: DKN.TV

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