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The billionaire woman having the highest number of husbands in Taiwan offers three criteria to recruit the sixth husband at the age of 61
December 05 2018, 9:52 AM
Dubbed the "The billionaire woman having the highest number of husbands in Taiwan", the woman may not have found the man making her satisfied.

Xu Shuan was born in 1957 and named “The billionaire woman having the highest number of husbands in Taiwan”. Despite not a star, this woman has attracted the attention of the entertainment industry by shocking information about the private life and the extravagant speaking.

Ms. Xu Shuan owned the pretty beauty when she was young

Ms. Xu Shuan was born in a family not quite well off. Getting married for the first time when she was 19, but her married life quickly ended when her husband was a caveman.

At the second marriage, Ms. Xu Shuan was married to a wealthy and successful man who loved his wife. However, the husband died early and left her a huge fortune.

Less than a year after her second husband died, she quickly remarried her third husband who was an entrepreneur. However, the marriage did not last long because she caught her husband adultery.

After becoming a billionaire through two previous marriages, Ms. Xu Shuan began to change her “appetite” and go about with the young guys. Her fourth marriage was with her young assistant but quickly ended in just 18 days.

In 2005, when nearly 50 years old, the billionaire from Taiwan decided to marry her boyfriend Lam Tong Nhat, 25 years younger than her. Before living in the same house, her husband asked her to spend nearly $ 800,000 paying off his debt, and she provided $ 8,000 a month for him to spend. However, after 2 years of marriage, this man wanted to divorce because she was jealous. Even once, they argued for jealousy, Xu Shuan rushed to bite her husband and demanded that both took sleeping pills to commit suicide.

Not long after, the 61-year-old billionaire continued to pair with a 35-year-old male model. Both moved to live together but did not register marriage. Despite pampering the young husband, this woman was beaten repeatedly.

“That day, he went gambling and came back home at 2:30 in the morning. He said that he lost and told me to give him the cash to pay the debt. I told I had no money because the bank was not open yet.

Then he got angry, lifted me up and threw in the bathroom door. Then he picked me up again and threw me at the bedroom door. I was wounded all over. My nose was distorted”, Ms. Xu Shuan shared with the press.

Her nose was distorted after being beaten by her young husband

Everyone thought that behind this story, she would draw experience but recent the billionaire from Taiwan continued to post to recruit the sixth husband, shocking netizens.

“The family circumstances are not important but must be clean. Second, he does not look at my wealth, loves me but not for money. Finally, he must have a handsome face, full body and white skin”, she offered three criteria.

She offered three criteria to recruit the sixth husband at age 61

As soon as the information was posted, many people thought that it was very difficult to choose a man in line with all the criteria and advised her to reduce the illusion. However, there were some comments that her children were mature so finding new boyfriend was completely normal.

Source: Vietnamnet

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