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Big horror fan creates scary illusion makeup look
November 04 2018, 7:29 AM
A makeup artist’s horrifying illusions leave her too scared to look in the mirror.

A makeup artist has shared her spooktacular illusions which can take her up to 13 hours to complete.

Zoe Pratt, 33, creates makeup looks which are so scary she says she has even given herself a fright.

The horror fan uses body and face paint to transform herself into all manner of scary beings including witches, devils and skeletons – sometimes spending a whole day perfecting her look.

Artist Zoe, from Reading, Berkshire, said: ‘My nun creation scared me. I was like “Jesus. I’ve given myself a fright”.

‘I think it was because of the way the paint changed my face so much that it didn’t look like me at all. I didn’t recognize myself.

‘I think it’s to do with the mouth. I always think you can change the mouth and it changes the face completely. That’s what people like about these illusion paintings.

‘As well as paint I use a lot of powders which helps it to set and get a better blend.

‘Some of them can take around eight hours to create. It’s anywhere between three to eight hours. The longest took 13 hours for a full top half.

‘The more natural looks can sometimes take longer. The more skin that’s on show the longer it takes because you have to be so precise with how it looks.’

Zoe uses a ring light to expose the main subject and black out the background then takes the photos on her phone before sharing her striking looks online.

The mother-of-one said: ‘I can end up taking around 100 photos. I’m a perfectionist so that can end up taking 40 minutes to an hour.

‘It’s the make-up that creates the look though. I did get a lot of people saying I’d photoshopped them so then I started to post the progress shots and people could see how it’s done.

‘I start with mocking up a diagram. I map it out on my face and body then it’s a case of filling the sections in on my body.

‘One of my favourites is the big fang look. My whole face is a mouth with a fang. I was pleased with how it turned out in terms of the realism.

‘People probably think I’m a bit mad but I grew up on horror movies. The first movie I ever watched was The Evil Dead when I was 12 years old. I was also a big fan of the Halloween movies.’

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Source video: Carter clips 

Source: Carter clips 

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