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Big brother gets tattoo of little brother with down’s syndrome on arm, he absolutely loves it
December 17 2018, 8:51 AM
We all know a set of siblings who are at each other's throat at any opportunity possible - but maybe things would be different if they had a quick look at this video.

Because this young man with Down’s syndrome reacted in the most amazing way when he saw his older brother’s tattoo for the first time. We think he definitely approves of it, that’s for sure.

The tattoo was of the LAD’s face inside the mouth of a lion and he couldn’t believe it as he ran his hand across his brother’s arm before giving him a kiss and an affectionate hug.

Someone chopping onions in here? Or just me?

The boy’s mum, Soares Sheila, posted the pictures and video on to Facebook with the caption: “Look at my puppy’s reaction to the beautiful tribute, his face tattooed inside a lion’s mouth. The video is EXCITING. That’s why I saw Rafa asking Erick to make brave face”

She later added: “My dear friends, when I posted this video I could swear that it would not cause this dimension of sharing that caused.

“THIS IS CALLED GOD. Because he was the cause of the success of this video, because contrary to what many people think, I have never had anything easy in this life, only US and GOD and the closest friends know well what I’ve already spent in life so Erick is here with us.

“Out many battles, many approvals, many fights, many defeats, and many victories, but I never gave up on my children. And I won.

“Do you know why? Because God exists yes, just have faith, perseverance and believe that one day everything will solve.

“I swear to all of you that my intention when I posted this video was just to show one more of their episodes.

“Many thanks to all the friends who shared the video of my children, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart to all you guys.”

The post has had over 10,000 shares and people from around the globe are getting in touch to send messages of appreciation.

One said: “How not to be moved by the love between sibling. Only those who have siblings know what the connection is.”

Another added: “One of the most beautiful tattoos I have ever seen”.

And a third commented: “I hope that my children are like yours, affectionate with each other, God continue to bless your family.”

Source: Ladbible

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