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“Big boss” cat taught Husky after being naughty madly, Husky’s repentance made the owner laugh out
December 06 2018, 10:32 AM
The video captures the "shrewish" cat scene that makes Husky silent, making the viewers laugh out loud.

Dogs and cats are popular beloved pets. Because they are two different animals, they sometimes have frictions in playing time, eating and even in time guarding home for the owner.

This video filmed the moment the “shrewish” cat teach Husky because Husky kicked water out making water splashes out of the bowl.

Husky kicked water out of bowl

“Big boss” taught Husky a battle

Husky was silent, not reacted but bowed fearfully

After being taught a battle, Husky expressed guilty conscience, looking very lovely. Their lovely moments make their the owner as well as viewers can not help laughing.

Saw that Husky did’t have reactions and got error, the “shrewish” cat went out

Watching video:

Video credit: DKN.tv

Minh Chi

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