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Bet that you’ll never waste coffee grounds after knowing its miraculous effects
February 01 2019, 10:38 AM
Don't need to use expensive cosmetics, you totally can have white skin and healthy skin if knowing to use the coffee ground as followings.

After each time brewing coffee, we often discharge it or use it as a fertilizer. However,  few people could know that it is very useful for beautifying. Followings are 8 effects of the coffee ground for smooth and white skin.

1, Remove dead cells

The coffee ground contains many tiny beads, helping remove dead cells along with dirt, and sebum deep in the pores. Moreover, the clean skin after exfoliating with coffee grounds also easily absorbs nutrients from cosmetics.

2, Reduce dark circles

You often stay up late so you get lots of dark circles and you don’t know how to treat it. Then the coffee ground is your suitable solution. The coffee ground contains a great amount of caffeine, a very effective substance in stimulating blood circulation and anti-inflammatory. Dark circles and eyelid swelling significantly will reduce without interference with expensive cosmetic methods if using it frequently.

3, Remove stretch marks

So far, the coffee ground is always considered as trash. But the fact is that it is a ‘panacea’ helping women with curing stretch marks due to pregnancy or weight gain. The ground applies essential nutrients to improve skin’s resistance, stimulate collagen production, smooth skin tone and improve elasticity, gradually stretch skin slowly to disappear.

4, Helps prevent wrinkles

Women over 30 have wrinkles on their face and this is not a small worry. So coffee grounds are what can help you prevent tiny wrinkles on the face very effectively. The nutrient composition of coffee grounds will help moisturize, increase elasticity, stimulate skin regeneration, make skin softer and more smooth.

How to make a mask with coffee grounds:  Use coffee grounds, fine salt, honey, sugar each 1 tablespoon small to mix well with 1 egg white and apply on the face, massage gently within 10 minutes. Avoid eye and mouth areas. After that, wash your face with warm water. Use this mask only once a week.

5, Deodorize body odor

Coffee grounds can help to deodorize the body odor extremely effectively by mixing the coffee grounds and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to make a paste after bathing then apply it to the armpit and gently massage. The sweat-absorbing coffee grounds are effective, helping the armpits stay clear and remove unpleasant odors.

6, Treat dark underarms

On the female body, armpits, buttocks, the bikini area is a place that is very susceptible to darkening, looks extremely aesthetic. To overcome this situation, use coffee grounds. Because this type of residue is capable of igniting darkening, inhibiting the production of melanin pigment to make skin more color and smooth. Only after a short time using coffee grounds, you can comfortably wear the clothes you like already.

7, Anti-aging

Coffee grounds have the effect of firming, shrinking pores, preventing wrinkles extremely effectively. So, to keep your skin fresher, repel the signs of aging, don’t forget to wear a regular coffee grounds mask.

8, Polish and smoothen hair

Coffee grounds are beneficial for both hair and skin. In addition to supporting skincare, it is able to prevent hair loss, hair break, strengthen hair, make it looks sleek, limit damage dry to lumpy, giving you shiny, healthy hair.

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