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Beijing extravagant rich boy who is both ugly and short but his girlfriends are all A-class stars
January 05 2019, 11:45 PM
Be one of the 4 rich boys in Beijing, Wang Shuo is well-known by his squandering, luxurious lifestyle, especially the long list of his ex-girlfriends who are all beauties.

Wang Shuo is well-known to be a member of the second generation “The capital’s four young masters”. The nickname was initially named 4 rich young boys who are in the upper class in the 20th century.

The new generation four playboys includes Wang Ke – the owner of an investment company who has a Boeing 737, Wang Shuo – director and deputy general director of a real estate company, Wang Xiao Fei – the CEO of the South Beauty restaurant group and Wang Yu – a property tycoon. However, all of them never accept the nickname.

Wang Shuo

Currently, Wang Shuo is more silent than the past few years, however, his squandering is incomparable. Wang Shuo was born on April 25th, 1982. His father is an Australian-Chinese property tycoon Wang Zhicai who became famous after marrying actress Wang Yan to be his second wife.

Born in a billionaire family, at the age of 12, Wang Shuo went to the US to study and soon revealed his good business qualities from a very young age. Currently, he has replaced his father to take over the family business, while opening his own business.

Be excel at earning money, Wang Shuo also knows to spend his money well. He used the money to buy superb cars and conquer beauties’ hearts. His car collection includes many rare cars such as Ferrari 599, Mercedes-Benz G55, 2 Lamborghini cars LP640 black and white, Limousine 62, Bentley GT SPEED, Aston Martin DBS, Spyker C8. Spyker, etc.

Wang Shuo allegedly pointed a gun at Wang Ke after a car race through the capital ended when they both crashed. He then reversed into Wang Ke’s car, which burst into flames. Mainland newspapers said Wang Shuo fled the scene and told three security guards employed by his company to destroy evidence, including video footage taken by surveillance cameras.

Police later found that Wang Shuo possessed four other guns, 2,000 air-rifle pellets, and six military bullets. Five staff at his company have been charged with helping him buy firearms and with destroying evidence.  The lawsuit against Wang Ren quickly attracted the attention of the public because before that, he had always been the focus of tabloid newspapers because of his extravagant lifestyle.

Many beautiful girls used to his girlfriends.

His ex-girlfriends are the most famous ones in China

Although his appearance is not eye-catching and his shape is small, with his broad mind and squandering, he always knows to pamper his lover and he conquered famous female stars in turn. Zhou Xun, Fan Bing Bing, Tang Wei, Li Xiao Lu, Niu Meng Meng, Lin Xi Lei, Huang Yi, Huang Sheng Yi, singer Ai Da, etc. were the beauties who used to be rumored to date Wang.

Zhou Xun and Fan Bing Bing are the famous actresses used to be rumored to date Wang Shuo.

Amongst them, his relationship with Zhou Xun and Fan Bing Bing were the most outstanding. He threw lots of money without hesitation to pamper the beauties. However, none of his relationships could last long.

Until now, despite appearing new four playboys, Wang Shuo’s influence is still strong.

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Nguyet Hang Do


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