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The behind-the-scenes photos present that selfie is much more tired than we thought
August 10 2018, 9:18 AM
Behind shimmering photo turned out to be a "hurt" backstage like this.

Taking pictures is not difficult but shooting for high quality in order to everyone presses “like”, heart rumbling is also hard! A photo look relaxed, leisurely, but behind the back is a ‘painful’ scene!

Recently, a girl showed off her photo during a trip to Phu Yen 2 weeks ago. What do you see in this photo? Photo’s color is so nice and the lay-out is eye-catching, which keeps pace with trend “follow me’ well. Surely, when surfing the Facebook or Instagram nobody sees this picture without pressing “like”.

…turned out to be a funny backstage

However, on looking at the behind the scenes photos, you will find out to get a good picture, the photographer is not ‘enjoy’ as well! He had to crawl to the ground and lean on a beautiful frame, “how happy it was!”. If you had to try to take a hundred sheets in this position to select the best one, would you feel happy?

The owner of the photos, Phuong Nguyen said ‘backstage crew’ includes the lover and her cousins . Having known how she is interested in photography, inspite of difficulties, everyone made every effort to help her have magnificent photos.

Therefore, selfie is an extremely tired!

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Kim Ngan Do

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