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This beauty vlogger uses lighter to turn almond into charcoal to get rid of acne spots
September 20 2018, 11:42 AM
Making your own natural spot treatments is fun and easy. They’re natural, chemical free, and effective. But this beauty vlogger's treatment causes controversy on Internet.

Making your own natural spot treatments is fun and easy. They’re natural, chemical free, and effective.

Sherry Maldonado is a beauty pageant queen and model who won Miss Manikin in the Dominican Republic in 2009 before being crowned Miss Tegucigalpa in 2010. She became a model for the show Deal or No Deal Honduras. She is now a beauty blogger and social media star.

In the video, Sherry shares her DIY Charcoal made from almond to get rid of acne spots, but people have the different point of views relating to her treatment.

Step 1: Hold almonds using tweezers. As many almonds as you want depends on how much acne you have.

Step 2: In a safe fire surface, she use the lighter to burn almond

Step 3: After burning, she mash the almonds and grind into a powder.

Step 4: Add a little bit of plain yogurt and stir

Step 5: She uses a Q-tip to apply it on her your acne spot areas and leave it there as long as you want

Leave it for 30 to 40 minutes and then use the cotton pad to remove the mixture on your face.

And there you go.

However, many netizens seem to not agree with this treatment. One commenter said: “You won’t get any results burning an almond will do nothing if she’s thinking it’s like Mandelic acid when you burn something it changes to carbon and fundamentally changes the thing and even if she’s doing it because of Mandelic acid it won’t work as the concentration would be so insanely minute that it wouldn’t have any effect”

This way can be effective for one person’s skin but can harm your skin. Please be careful when you try any beauty skin care learning on the Internet!

Watch video:

Source video: Sherry Maldonado

Source:  Sherry Maldonado

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