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The beauty of beautiful girl was changed unbelievably after a sleep, knowing the reason, everyone is sympathetic
December 07 2018, 11:47 AM
Diseases caused by the weather seem simple, but it is difficult to completely cure and also cause a lot of trouble in daily activities.

There is a truth, everyone gets a disease in a very random way and it’s not easy to get rid of this disease. For example, someone will get sore throat although they do not drink ice and eat cold food. Or, there are also people who can eat anything except seafood – if they eat a little, they will be hospitalized as if being hit by poisonous substances.

And many people complain about urticarial rash, in each wind season, their bodies are swollen and uncomfortable like the girl in the story that is attracting a lot of sympathy on a closed group recently. She suffers her own syndrome including urticaria, allergies to weather and rhinitis.

The result of these diseases is heavy, the picture grafted to compare the beauty of this girl before and after the “sick” will show you all. After only one nap, the beautiful girl was transformed into another person with swollen eyes, she tried to open but could not open. Extremely hurt!

The owner of the post self-comparing her beauty before and after the disease is Lam Tuyen, born in 1998. Tuyen said she has had a urticarial rash about 1-2 years. However, swelling of the eyes is due to chronic rhinitis. It began at the time she ate the crab when she was in 9th grade. Since then, every time the weather has changed, this girl has a rash and rhinitis making her eyes swollen, difficult to breathe, especially making her continuously sneeze in the morning,  fever in the evening when the weather becomes cold.

“I have a medical examination, the doctor told chronic rhinitis should avoid cold, dusty and probably I must live with it for whole life. I also tried many drugs but these diseases only reduced about 1-2 months and then again, sometimes heavier, “shared Tuyen.

Source: Helino

Minh Chi

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