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Beautiful love story that is hard to believe: The talented beautiful young girl loves a man who must ride a wheelchair for wholelife
January 16 2019, 3:47 PM
Despite the teasing, gossip of public opinion, friends and social networks, the 25-year-old girl is determined to go on a date with a man with spinal muscular atrophy.

This incredible love story happened in Pennsylvania (USA), a beautiful young girl who just turned 25 fell in love with the handicapped boy. The girl is named Hannah Aylward and the guy named Shane Burcaw. What makes many people unbelievable in this love story, is that the girl is completely normal, beautiful and good. As for the boy, he suffers from spinal muscular atrophy and cannot walk.

They have been in love for 3 years now, the couple also set up an account on youtube channel to record their moments. Every time the couple bounce off the vlogs of happy love, they all cause a wave of controversy in public opinion. Because of the regret for many young girls who have felt indignant, even annoyed to oppose their love story.

Hannah is happy with her handicapped boyfriend.

According to the couple’s words, they received harsh words of disgust and countless gossip from netizens.

Nobody wants a beautiful young girl who falls in love with a disabled boy and cannot become a normal man. There are malicious comments about their personal activities.

There are also people who show their compassion for the guy who has a serious disease, they think that this is a good guy but when looking at the young girl hugging the lover, everyone feels sorry. Some people even commented: “Maybe she has a problem”. Some people admire beautiful love despite all of them: “This relationship makes my heart feel warm”.

It is known that Hannah and Shane’s relationship began through a documentary. Accordingly, it is Hannah who texted Shane after watching a documentary produced by Rainn Wilson about Shane’s life. And thanks to that film, Hannah admired and fell in love with Shane.

As for Shane, he shared: “I want people to normalize the relationship between people with disabilities and healthy people. We are equal.”

When talking about the gossip of the public, Shane admitted: “It is true that when Hannah and I go out together, everyone doesn’t believe me and she loves each other. Some people think we are siblings. , who said that she is my nanny, even if someone is suspicious, she is my mother. Nobody sees us as boyfriends and girlfriends. ”

Happy moments of Shane and Hannah couple.

Shane also added: “There are many stigma that hurt people with disabilities, but the most common is that they do not believe that people like us have a romantic love.”

On Hannah’s side, she shared that, since sending Hannah’s reply, Shane knew that she needed this girl. He said: “When I used my fingers to gradually shrink each response, my heart was trembling and thumping. I felt pained with happiness when I found the right person.” Reportedly, in 2018, the couple moved to live together in Minneapolis, Minnesota.Happy moments of Shane and Hannah couple.


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