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Beautiful girl was stuck in pool drain, parents must get children away from this place
August 09 2018, 10:08 AM
Do not let unfortunate accidents happen to your child.

.A beautiful girl drowned in the pool of a luxury hotel. The cause of the incident was the stuck hands on the drain, she lied on the bottom of the pool for 20 minutes. Normally, each swimming pool has circular pool drain that is arranged at the bottom or corner of the tank, It helps change water or add bactericide  easily. On the outside, these pool drains look small, but in fact, the pressure here is 23kg / cm2. Therefore, when sucked, if only the victim, death rate is very high.

The world has recorded many deaths caused by pool drain. In July 2006, a 7-year-old Japanese girl swimming in a children’s pool was also stuck in a drain. Six hours later, the girl was rescued, but died.

Beautiful girl was stuck in pool drain

She struggled to escape from pool drain.

There are many deaths caused by pool drain

This video is a warning for parents

In 2014, a 12-year-old boy in China swam in the pool also had trouble with the drain. Due to his small body, he was sucked into the drainage pipe leading to death

Do not let unfortunate accidents happen to your child

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