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The beautiful girl desperately jumps from bridge that is high 43 meters in New Zealand and the scaring result
August 04 2018, 11:37 AM
It is one of the most risky adventure.

Share on this first-ever intense gaming challenge, the girl is quite excited. She said, after overcoming the fear, she became very strong and wanted to continue to experience more. It is known that the Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown (New Zealand) is the birthplace of Bungy Jumping – one of the most risky adventure. She felt extremely honored when her first bungy jump was done here and , it was still one of the most risky acts she had ever done.

She was nervous in the first time to experience the new game

“You will experience a cycle of emotions: from the excitement (during registration) to the suspense (when in line), to stress (standing on the podium and looking down ). And she had to courage herself 10 times to shrug and run down, it was difficult to describe the feeling . All anxiety, fear and tension disappear within 1 minute”- The beautiful girl said.

After overcoming the fear, she is quite confident

It is known that she has just crowned Miss Universe in Vietnam

It is very enjoyable experience

“Indeed after the jump , I feel much stronger and also want to experience that great feeling! If you have the opportunity to go to Queenstown, definitely do not ignore the attempt to do this crazy thing”- she write on the her facebook.

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