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Beautiful girl covering song ‘Qing Hua Ci’ with Accapella style “melts” netizens
September 02 2018, 7:32 AM
'Qing Hua Ci' has been one of Jay Chou's hit songs in China so there have been thousands of covers in different styles since the birth of the song.

The style of the song used by the girl in the clip is Accapella style, which is very difficult to sing. This is because a person has to sing in parts and self-orchestrate the song alone. Moreover, ‘Qing Hua Ci’ is difficult for everyone to sing..

The girl herself plays a lot of roles from sing to bass. Although there are no musical instruments as well as electronic assistance, the girl is still singing perfectly. She made people not fell bored despite listening to for a long time.

It is just because of not using many electronic devices that the song becomes more inspirational and easier to enter the human heart. The voice of the girl in the clip has a great emotional power that makes the listener be attracted by her performance.

In addition to her cover, there have been thousands of covers for ‘Qing Hua Ci’ in different styles. One of them was the cover by students from Xiamen secondary school in China. Cute students covered the song and danced at the same time.

It is difficult to deny that ‘Qing Hua Ci’ has been musical masterpiece by Jay Chou. However, the girl in the clip also has an excellent voice.

Watch video:

Vu Tam

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