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A beautiful dog does a synchronised dance in the sand with her ownerand the two look fantastic!
October 12 2018, 10:09 AM
Anastasiia Beaumont and her border collie Yugi both perform in competitions together

Going to the beach and playing in the sand is an activities favored by most people. We usually hang out with family and friend. Some people could also bring pets to the beach and play Frisbee with them.

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This duo has done a completely different thing. They dance together!

Anastasiia Beaumont and her border collie Yugi both perform in competitions together. And last week, they went on holiday to Spain together.

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She said that they decided to learn a new trick. “What some people call ‘podium gait’ or ‘drunk gait’, she said. “And we learned it on the beautiful coast of the Mediterranean sea.”

Anatasia said: “ I’m trying to teach him some other move, he’s really good dancer. We were having a great time.”

Many people have commented after watching the video

Katlyn Frany said : “Dog is a really good dance partner. Mine is also dance very well, he’s a corgi, a little bit small but still rock the moves!”

Samantha Gallangher wrote: “ I have a pug, we will do everything together and we were once dancing like this till one day she was diagnosed with cancer, that’s broke my heart.”

The two were cheering after finished competing

Pets in general and dogs in particular, they only live for a short period of time, so make their day memorable and have fun.

Source: Newsflare

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