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A beautiful bridesmaid was interfered by many male guests on the procession, that made people angry
February 11 2019, 2:36 PM
The bridesmaid was dragged out by male guests and interfered on the road while a lot of people witnessed but no one prevented.

Breaking the wedding is a traditional wedding ceremony in China to stir up the atmosphere and bless the bride and groom. However, nowadays, it has been turned to be different a lot, they created jokes, and make it become extremely ridiculous. Not only the bride and groom have to bear this joke but sometimes the bridesmaids and the groomsmen also become victims.

A bridesmaid was interfered on the procession

According to the pictures shared on the internet, this beautiful bridesmaid was pulled up by 3-4 male guests to the hood, then pulled the skirt. The whole lower part and the girl’s underwear are visible to everyone. The scene was extremely offensive and scary, not like the atmosphere of a wedding.

After that vulgar act, the male guests even took their hands and whips to touch the “sensitive part” of the bridesmaid. Even though the girl struggled and pleaded, she could not fight against the strength of the men. But during happening that incident, these male guests seemed to be very happy, excitedly laughing, even taking the phone to film, and no one stop these things to protect the girl.

After being shared on social networks, this action received a lot of criticism from netizens. Most people believe that the actions of the male guests are perverted, disgusting, and reproach the custom of marriage no longer holds the original meaning.

“It’s so scrary. This is abuse, but it is not a disturbance. I’m not happy at all, ”

” Poor this girl. Where is the bride and groom, where are the others why no one help her? ”

“ No one dares to go to work as a bridesmaid or bridegroom anymore.” netizens commented.

Source: blogtamsu

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