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Beautiful boys “expelled” get gossipy because getting married is less pretty, giving birth to anyone is surprised
February 11 2019, 4:01 PM
Omar and his wife have a lot of talk about beauty when they come together. However, their "sweet fruit" proved it all.

Omar and his wife have a lot of talk about beauty when they come together. However, their “sweet fruit” proved it all.

Omar Borkan Al Gala (from the United Arab Emirates) is one of three guys that caused a stir in social networks in 2013 because of deportation from police in Saudi Arabia. The very simple reason is … he is so handsome. Of those three, Omar is also the most handsome.

Omar Borkan Al Gala was once associated with the name “exiled handsome boy”

Around that time, Omar’s image appeared rampant on the mass media, so that the guy’s life was “one step up to the incense”. Omar’s career was so sublimated.

Omar Borkan’s life suddenly flourished thanks to his perfect handsome looks

It has been nearly 6 years since the famous day, this actor and model born in 1990 has become more and more handsome. He owns the amount of people who love, follow on facebook, instagram or Twitter extremely. What is special about the photos that Omar shared regularly on personal pages is that the guy is married and has a son as handsome as his father.

The beauty between Omar and his wife used to meet many gossip

The son of two people inherited the beauty from his father

Omar’s wife is Yasmin Oweidah – a fashion designer who has studied at the prestigious French art and engineering college of ESMOD. She had a lot of talk about beauty less than her husband. Both have a boy named Diyab.

Diyab boy, according to everyone’s opinion, inherited the perfect beauty almost all from his father: big round eyes, attractive face and especially very delicacy. Looking at the image of Omar’s son – Diyab, many people predict that the boy will surely be famous as his father soon.

Diyab boy has mysterious blue eyes

Many people who favor Diyab are little princes

Omar very often shares pictures of boys on personal 

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