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Bathe in wine, green tea, coffee and ramen noodles with the spa theme park only in Japan
August 22 2018, 3:05 PM
Come to Yunesson Spa Resort in Japan, tourists will have a chance to swim in pools with many unique medicinal herbs such as: wine, coffee, green tea,...

After centuries of traditional bathhouses and hot springs (known as “onsen”), it’s little wonder that the Yunessun Spa Resort has decided to branch out into more exotic bathing options like green tea baths and ramen pools.

Yunesson Spa Resort is the first spa in Japan to allow tourists to bathe in red wine tubs – one of the useful methods to keep the women’s skin bright and smooth.

Until now people apply this dipping therapy in wine, it is known that in ancient times, the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra has also used it.

Japanese people believe that the method of dipping in red wine will help human reduce the stress, as well as it’s very good for the skin care process of the Eve.

Moreover, the tourists can also experience the green tea bath, where bathers get to relax in a pool filled with actual tea.

In addition to the relaxing tea bath, the spa thêm park also has a Japanese Sake Spa, a Coffee Spa, and a pepper-water filled Ramen Noodle Spa.

More than just colored water, these pools are filled with the actual drink. The coffee is brewed in pots and poured into the pool barrel-by-barrel, and the sake and wine baths could even get someone drunk

Each themed bath also features over-sized drink containers associated with the bath. For instance, the wine bath issues from a giant wine bottle, and massive fake noodles hang over the ramen pool. Baths can be both relaxing and fun but Yunessun has finally created baths that can make people hungry.

While the spa’s wine treatment is only available for 12 days each year, it has proven popular with reviewers on TripAdvisor:

‘It is quite unique and exciting to be swimming in pools of wine, sake, coffee, green tea,’ one person posted.

‘Definitely a must visit for all tourists!,’ someone else added.

Watching video:

Video: Business Insider/ Photo: Daily Mail

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