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The baby walks with “4 legs” and lives dependly on condoms and sanitary pads
January 21 2019, 11:09 AM
Due to difficult economic conditions, Mr. Lam had to use condoms and sanitary pads to bandage, take care of his wounds for 4 years.

Over 40 years old, Doan Manh Lam (born in 1970, in Hanoi) recently got married. Some time later, he was overjoyed when his wife announced that he was pregnant.

“Because I got married late, so when I heard that my wife was pregnant, I was extremely happy. During the process of that pregnant wife, I took care of my wife very carefully and went to check according to the doctor’s instructions.

Thuy Duong baby has multiple birth defects.

When we were elected for eight and a half months, we found out that she was depressed, but the doctor said that she was not too worried because the disease could be cured. Yet, when she was born, in addition to her deformities in her legs, she also suffered from many other deformities, ”recalls Lam.

Accordingly, when Lam’s daughter was born, through doctors checked that he had multiple deformities such as lumbar spondylitis, osteoarthritis, hardening of multi-joints, atrophy of the lower limbs, feet crooked, no anus …

Duong’s life is more at home than at home.

“Since then, my wife and I started our journey to heal children. Perhaps the time at the hospital is more than at home, ”Mr. Lam said.

Among the malformations that Doan Thuy Duong (4 years old) had, the lower extremities and anus of anatomy were much affected the most daily life.

Baby Duong must use her hands to move.

“Until now, even though I went to cure many places, I still could not stand on my own feet. Every time I move, I have to use both hands to change my legs and walk, looking at me like that is extremely painful, ”said Lam.

Because there is no anus, doctors make artificial anus through the abdominal wall.

As for malformations without anus, Mr. Lam said, despite having an anal reconstruction surgery, he still could not solve the problem. Therefore, doctors must have surgery to insert the large bowel head into the abdominal wall so that he can be comfortable in sanitation.

Both Lam’s daughters have contracted the disease since they were born.

“Every day I have to use nearly 20 sanitary pads and condoms. Because the water, the fluids just flow out and have to change constantly.

“Once, the couple was anxious to buy sleeping pills to drink all over the house, but watching the two children keep rolling on them, we awakened from the dark, sinful thoughts” – Mr. Lam recounted.

In fact, using condoms and tampons to take care of him is also the last resort, but I want to do that. There was no money to buy specialized medical equipment, so I had to accept it, “said Lam.

It is known that Mr. Lam is currently carrying stone for rent with an income of 200,000 VND / day, while his wife Lam is Ms. Hoang Thi Minh Huong at home looking after both children are sick.

“Many days, both children were admitted to the hospital (22-month-old daughter, suffered from a weakened immune system), and the couple again shared each other’s care. When the house went out, the whole family had to share the package of instant noodles over the day, ”said Mr. Lam.

Due to bringing in many malformed people and difficult economic circumstances, although I was 4 years old, Doan Thuy Duong still could not go to school. However, the only thing Lam Lam Huong and his wife are proud of is that they do not go to school but still can read, draw and sing.

“I like going to school very much, I take her every morning to the gate of the preschool near her home to see you exercise. At that time, I only wished to go to school like you guys, “said Lam.

Currently, the biggest wish of Mr. Lam and his wife is to cure their children, so that they do not have to live on hospitals.

“Certainly, my child will live with the disability for the rest of his life. But I just hope that the surgery can reproduce the anus for him, so that he will not have to suffer in the problem of daily hygiene “, Mr. Lam wants.

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