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The baby child got hit by cars twice but 18 people ignored it!
August 05 2018, 9:24 AM
The video has caused an extreme outrage among the netizens.

The footage from CCTV shows Yue Yue, 2 years old was walking in a metal market 100 meters far from her home in Guangdong, China and was run over by a truck at 5:26 pm. After that, three passersby discovered the injured girl lying on the street, but they all walked away. She was later hit by another truck. Next, electric bikers, tricycles and three other pedestrians left the poor baby, while no one in the nearby store came to help the victim.

  The poor baby got run over by the car

Seven minutes after the accident, a 57-year-old scavenger noticed the victim and took her to the pavement. This woman tried to talk to the store owner but no one helped. The scavenger then went into a neighborhood and a few seconds later, her mother appeared and took her to the emergency room. However the girl could not survive after the severe accident.

18 passersby saw it but ignored her

Police arrested a truck driver crashing her just after the accident, while the driver of the left truck turned himself in the following day.

  7 minutes later an old woman came to help her

What causes people angry is not only the carelessness of the truck drivers but also the indifference of the passersby and people nearby. We can see human in the video but not the humanity.

Watch video:

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