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Baby bursted into tears when witnessing parents kissing
August 10 2018, 4:11 PM
In this video, Ella's father wrote: "Certainly, our daughter is jealous."

After father, Matt Hanneken, posted this video on Youtube, it reached 4 million viewers. Ella, baby in this video was beloved by many people, because she is lovely and adorable. With this images, her father explained that: “Our daughter was sad when we kissed each other in front of her. Certainly, she is jealous.”.

Ella’s parent repeated this affectionate action three times in the video, so Ella reacted differently.

When parent kiss each other in the first time, she seemed to be confused and then understanding problem and starting to cry.

In the second time, she was in whining voice and finally she bursted into tears in the third time.

Watching video:



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