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A baby almost loses his life because his mother feeds him banana, then the doctor helps her save son narrowly
February 08 2019, 6:49 AM
Doctor Duong Van Doan - Deputy Department of Emergency Medicine, Children's Hospital said that this unit has just received 8-month-old baby in full-body purple condition, stopped breathing due to choking banana.

Accordingly, the patient is Do Phuc N, the daughter of Le Thi X (SN 1979, in Kien An, Hai Phong). According to the family member, on the afternoon of January 28, feeding a baby N to eat bananas, Ms. X turned the papers out and forgot to feed her. At this time, baby N held bananas to eat and choke and struggle. Sister X turned back to see her son all over his body turning purple, breathing out.

Shortly after, the family took her to the hospital in a state of full body cyanosis, breathing arrest, cardiac arrest. At the hospital, the emergency department doctors had to issue a comprehensive red alert, as this was an emergency case, focusing on the team of on-site cardiopulmonary emergency doctors to save the baby’s life.

A few minutes later, baby N’s heart bounced back, even ekip temporarily sighed. After that, the patient had a 1-day mechanical ventilation. On the afternoon of January 29, patient N was screened to draw the bubbles of the remaining foreign object. Currently, the baby’s health has been improved and the breathing machine stopped and will be discharged before Tet Holiday.

According to doctors, whereever at home or at school, the problem of choking prevention in children must always be a top priority. Therefore, when feeding young children, limiting frolicking, asking young people; give children appropriate food that is suitable to their age; offer small pieces of food and stop as soon as the child has a cough when eating; when eating, hold the baby or let the child sit, not feeding when the child is lying down, when the child is sleepy, while crying; For children who are lazy to eat, do not open their mouth when feeding, some mothers often cover their noses so they have to open their mouths that is very dangerous because they will inhale the food through the mouth.

In particular, when children are having difficulty breathing due to lung disease, heart, very attentive when feeding because in this case very easy to choke or suffer from vomiting and vomiting.

In addition, do not allow children to play with objects such as marbles, nuts … when children are young. Mothers, caregivers and teachers at preschools must be trained in methods of breastfeeding, eating properly and how to detect and handle children’s emergencies.

Where children suffer from severe choking, manifest respiratory distress, cyanosis, choking crying, storking … need to calm down to manage. Firstly, ventilate the airway by removing food and foreign objects in the mouth, sucking out the nose, and phlegm then quickly making a procedure to expel foreign bodies in the respiratory tract (Heimlich procedure for little children) by placing the baby on his / her stomach on your arm, the head of the head is lower than the chest, the palm of the hand is supporting the young chin (if the child is too heavy, place the hand to support the child on the lap of the emergency), use the other hand to slap on the young back (between 2 shoulder blades) 4-5 times up, it is best to pat quickly when the child exhales to coordinate pushing the object out. It is also possible to place the baby on his or her back, low head, then use the other hand to press the chest (the sternum area, between the nipples).

When the object is turned off, the child will turn pink again, cry loudly and then, the emergency person should check and remove the object that has been thrown out. When detecting or suspecting that a child is choking, it is necessary to quickly conduct emergency with the above procedure and call for the help of everyone around and quickly bring the child to the nearest medical facility afterwards. At health facilities, children will be examined, checked and removed objects (if any) by radiography of the lungs and bronchoscopy.


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