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When babies are fever, absolutely do not do the following to avoid danger to the child
January 29 2019, 3:23 PM
Disease is a reflex to get your baby to complete that immune system

1. A fever patch is not a “savior” When a child has a fever, he or she should use a warm towel to wipe the baby’s body, especially in the forehead, two armpits and groin, changing the towel every 2-3 minutes to allow the child to cool down. Do not give your child fever patches because they both lose money and not help children fever, not to mention the harm to children.

2. Cool your baby You can imagine, a hot object that suddenly chilled cracked phenomenon, little children. Using a warm towel to keep the baby warm and cold are measures that moms often use to apply to their children whenever a fever. But this measure has no effect but also harm.

When children with fever often do not understand the origin from where they rushed to cold. If the child has a fever due to infection, pneumonia, the cold will aggravate the disease. In particular, parents absolutely do not use ice because it can cause cold scalds, causing children with respiratory failure.

Covering a cold towel, cold or ice cream only in the case of hot drunk, sunburn. However, doctors do not recommend this method because of its low efficiency.

3. Close the door, cover the blanket When children have fever, open the door ventilation, not covered blanket. So one time you will run out of cold feeling and people will gradually warm up, recover from the disease faster. Most mothers do the opposite, leading to bacteria that accumulate in the air and the disease is aggravated.

4. A fever of less than 38.5 degrees has prompted children to take medicine Parents should not give children medication fever as well as anticonvulsants early, this will make it difficult for doctors when the mother to take the hospital.

In young children, when the thermometer is 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher, the armpit is 37.2 degrees Celsius, the baby is having a fever, but it is not necessary to use fever medication. With a mild fever, the body temperature is 37.5-38.5 degrees Celsius, just take off your clothes, give your baby plenty of water for your baby, or breastfeed if your baby is under 6 months old.

5. Fasting When children are sick, it is necessary to diversify nutrition so that children can cope with illness and heal quickly. The diet of chicken, eat fish, shrimp as some conception is not accurate. When a young child does not want to eat anything (like an adult, mother), he or she should eat something that is easy to digest and drink plenty of water. After the disease, the body of the baby will adjust, the appetite, you will see children eat healthier than ever!

Wishing the mother to raise children in science way!

Source: Beyeu

Hai Linh


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