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Avoid buying fruits having such these codes on them or your health will be threatened
August 03 2018, 5:24 PM
Consumers usually buy fruits without having any concern about codes sticking on them. Nevertheless, behind every code surprisingly is a secret meaning that may result in potential hazards for our health.

Commonly, we often pay little attention to the code on each product when we go to the supermarket. However, these codes conceals secret meanings that makes you startled.

If the code starts with 8

If you spot a kind of fruit labeled with five digits starting with 8, it means that this is a GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) product.

Nowadays, GMOs is a controversial topic and it has faced a variety of protests, particularly in the European Union and several other Asian countries. The reason is that this kind of product causes a number of human diseases, pollution and increasing herbicide abuse.

The fruit has code beginning with number 8 –  genetically modified fruit.

Many studies confirm that there is no link between the use of GMOs and health problems. Meanwhile, other studies point out various correlations such as organ damage and reproductive system disorders. The risks of serious harm to health are gradually becoming difficult to reduce.

Genetically modified food has been a potential threat to our health.

What if the code starts with the other numbers?

If there are four numbers starting with number 4 on the label, it is the sign of the fruit grown by conventional technology which means herbicides, pesticides, growth stimulants, inorganic fertilizers are utilized with standard dosage.

These products are unmodified,  naturally cultivated and are, of course, sprayed with plant- protected chemicals. Therefore, be sure to soak, rinse thoroughly under a strong water tap or peel off the skin before eating and cooking this kind of product.

Fruit has code beginning  with number 4 – The fruit is cultivated in conventional method.

If the code has five digits beginning with number 9, it’s a 100% organic product and does not contain any pesticides, plant – protected chemicals or any growth hormone. As a result, of course, this kind of product has a much higher price than other similar products’.

However, since this is the age of modern industry and technology with a number of  harmful products around, spending an extra money to invest in a healthy life is never a disadvantage.

Fruit has code starting with number 9 – 100% organic products without any chemicals.

Be proactive as a smart consumer, take initiative to choose safe and clean organic food from reliable suppliers or even proactively create safe food supplies for yourselves if possible.

Consumers should be wise to choose healthy food to have a good health.

Thu Thuy

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