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Anyone has made one of these 8 common mistakes causing harm to oral health
January 27 2019, 9:00 AM
Brush teeth at least two times a day but not everyone is aware of proper dental hygiene procedures to have healthy, white teeth and sweet-smelling sweet-smelling.

The Bright Side listed common habits that can cause many people to suffer bad oral health.

1. Brush teeth too hard

When brushing our teeth too hard, the bristles of the brush will be bent and not properly removed. In addition, this habit can damage the gums, leading to loss of teeth, exposure of the roots and worn out enamel.

2. Not pay attention to food which is good for teeth

We have known that eating too many sweets can cause tooth decay. However, to have healthy teeth, we need to supplement foods rich in calcium, phosphorus, and fluoride.

We often receive daily fluoride through tap water. However, if you live in a low fluoride water source, you should eat foods rich in fluoride such as milk and salt, etc.

3. Have no additional cleaning tools

No matter how good toothbrushes are, they can not clean the plaque on the teeth or space between teeth. That’s why you need dental floss. If the space between teeth is quite wide, you can use interdental brushes to kill bacteria, use mouthwash.

You can also use a ‘Waterpik’ – a dental hygiene spray after brushing your teeth with the purpose of cleaning the tongue and teeth, while gently massage the gums.

4. Forget caring your gums

If your gums are weak and not given enough blood,  periodontal inflammation is likely to occur. This disease causes the gums to become inflamed, bleed, soften and exposure of the roots, even to tooth loss.

For better health, you need to massage your teeth with a toothbrush or your finger. Eat solid food and chew carefully, gargle with oak-tree bark, tea or salt water. If your gums are bleeding easily, visit your dentist for oral hygiene and proper prescriptions.

5. Do not remove tartar

Tartar is a solid product of minerals from saliva and food. It is usually yellowish brown and the toothbrush does not work. Plaque and tartar cause periodontal disease, including bone inflammation that surrounds the teeth.

The plaque is very solid and can only be removed by specialized equipment at the dental office. You should get tartar at least once a year. However, the dentist recommends you to get your tartar many times a year.

6. Just the youth take braces

Many people thought that only the youth should take braces and adults are not fit for it. However, it’s wrong.

A beautiful smile is not the main reason you have to brace your teeth. If you have problems like gum disease, the risk of tooth decay will be higher.

7. Just chew on one side

Chewing action is characterized by self-cleaning teeth. So if you just chew on one side, you will accidentally make the other vulnerable to cavities.

In addition, the two sides of the mouth will help the muscles thick and strong on the side but the other side is not, the face is deviated, even affect the hearing. Thus, do not forget to eat solid foods like fruits and vegetables to make your teeth stronger.

8.  Do not teach children about proper dental care

Some parents think that milk-teeth are not important because they are only temporary. But a child needs to learn about dental care early to form a good habit.

Children need to know that the brushing process needs to last 3 minutes and the brushing should be vertical, rather than passing the brush horizontally. The permanent tooth decay of an unwell child with adult teeth and grooves on the teeth will be deeper, which is why food stuck in the space between the teeth is difficult to brush away.

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